Will this post be the game-changer I need?

Marc Velasco marcjvelasco at GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 19 00:08:56 UTC 2008

>>  I'm assuming game theory may be part of it's history, but I have to
verify that...

I for one would be very surprised if that was the case.


And from the Safire article: "The modifier *game-changing* (...) has roared
past *full-throated* (...) as the hottest compound adjective of the
presidential campaign."

Is there a billboard or scoreboard somewhere that keeps track of the Top 100
compound adjectives?  I firmly believe Casey Kasem should do a weekly
countdown of these as well.

I tried www.hottestcompoundadjectives.com/ but to no avail.


And here's an anti-lead: stay away from the rapper The Game.  He probably
thinks that all the use of 'game-changing' lowers his Q rating anyway.


[OT] is there word for sentences/phrases that are chained together, like
this one:

He's going to run some game changing horses in midstream.

Consisting of individual phrases:
run some game
game changing
changing horses in midstream.

Given that puzzle people mostly have names for everything, they surely have
come up with a name that answers my question, right?

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