"Self made man" 1828, antedates 1832

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>Note that I posted an 1817 citation to ADS-L in June 2007.
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>Subject: "Self made man" 1828, antedates 1832
>Republican Star, published as Republican Star and General Advertiser
>(Easton, Maryland).
>Date: 10-07-1828
>p. [3]  [EAN]
>"A Self Made Man.  [title]
>"Roger Sherman, of Connecticut, ...
>"This is the man, too, of whom the late illustrious Jefferson
>declared that he never said a foolish thing in his life; and yet this
>man was a self made man. [Prof. Newman."  [I take Newman to be the
>author of the article.]
>"self-made" ppl. a. antedates "self-made man" 1832-.  (The only
>earlier quote in OED2 is 1615, but for "[his] self-made Images".)
>In her New Yorker article on campaign biographies, "Bound for Glory",
>Oct. 20, 2008, Jill Lepore (Prof. of History at Harvard) wrote that
>Andrew Jackson's background made Jackson "more qualified for the
>White House, since he was, to use a phrase that was coined during his
>Presidency, a 'self-made man.'"  The quotation above is of course
>before his first presidency, but not long before his election.
>Wikipedia tells me that Roger Sherman (1721--1793) of Connecticut was
>'the only person to sign all four great state papers of the U.S.: the
>Articles of Association, the Declaration of Independence, the
>Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson once
>said of him: "That is Mr. Sherman of Connecticut, a man who has never
>said a foolish thing in his life.'"
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