Already use < Spanish ya?

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It sounds totally natural to me as well, though my non reflective intuition connects it with Yiddish (and dialects of American English that are influenced by German?)
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It sounds okay to me, but I've heard Carlos Smoov, the world's
greatest Latin soul-singer, say it so often that, if it ever struck me
as odd, I'm now accustomed to its face.


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> Honduran-Mexican Ned Mencia (aka Carlos Mencia), raised in Los
> Angeles, has a rerun of "Mind of Mencia" tonight "Performance
> Enhanced". The advertisement is (or something close to):
> "I want to make fun of handicapped people...You already can. Our
> president's retarded."
> This "already" sounds odd to me. If it's not common use, it occurred
> to me that maybe it's from Spanish "ya". BB
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