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>>It also seems to have pulled out of Minnesota's Sixth District,
>>abandoning Michele Bachmann.  And she has become the eponym for a new
>>aerobatic (or perhaps gymnastic?) maneuver, according to the Star
>>Tribute:  "An Immelmann is a precise aerobatic maneuver in which an
>>airplane performs a half-roll to reverse its direction. A Bachmann is
>>sloppier but more spectacular: To perform a Bachmann, a candidate for
>>Congress puts her foot in her mouth, talks stupidly for seven minutes
>>and watches her reelection campaign burst into
>>flames."  http://tinyurl.com/5c9937  (Their article also notes
>>"Michele Bachmann, Minnesota's Sixth District member of Congress and
>>former bush-hiding peeker on gay rights rallies, ...")
>I'm surprised no one has come up with a riff on BTO (Bachman Turner
>Overdrive), e.g. "Bachmann Overreach".  Maybe "Turner" was too hard
>to work in, unless there's another Republican with that name
>bursting into sympathetic flames somewhere else.  Somehow "Bachmann
>Musgrave Overreach" doesn't quite make it, although if I'm wrong,
>you heard it here (maybe) first.

Oops, clicked too soon.  This, from a poster on the Daily Kos blog:

Join the "Bachman: Turn Her Over!" drive

[should be "Bachmann", of course, but otherwise a nice variation on
the theme--at least until an overreaching Turner turns up]


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