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Friday, June 15, 2007

Out Sports: Baseball Prospectus accidentally calls Jewish Red Sox
player "Youkike"

The blog, Fire Joe Morgan, has pointed out that something is amiss
with the Baseball Prospectus player page of Red Sox infielder Kevin
Youkilis. The site uses the first five letters of the player's last
name and the first two letters of his first name to create the unique
URL for information on the player. In this case, the URL for Youkilis
spells "Youkike."

"Kike" is to a Jewish person what "faggot" is to a gay person. As
chance would have it, Youkilis is Jewish. has the same naming convention, but they
obviously caught the lettering mishap. They replaced the "i" in
Youkilis with an l, so their URL reads: youklke.

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