when one prefix just isn't enough...

Marc Velasco marcjvelasco at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 27 18:57:43 UTC 2008


Example: Mr. McCain may still win the election. Still, anticipating that he
will fall short, the _pre-postmortems_ have already begun, both inside and
outside his campaign headquarters.

found here: www.nytimes.com/2008/10/27/us/politics/27web-nagourney.html

but also readily available on the internet (google hits ~ 214).

Contexts include both politics and general business/industry, where any
project that can have a normal postmortem analysis of what went right and
wrong, can also have a preemptive postmortem, which would presumably include
a lot of 'blame-casting.'

Apparently medical school teaches doctors to refer to pre-postmortems simply
as diagnoses.

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