Heard on the Today show: "whuppin'"

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Tue Oct 28 15:22:11 UTC 2008

It means that, for men (even heterosexual men), the company of other men is preferred--or is to be preferred--to the company of women. The conterpart saying is "Sisters before misters" or, more commonly, "Chicks before dicks."


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>Veering off, what does the proverb mean?
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>> Yes, definitely a lexified "nonstandard" pronunciation (cf. "heist," etc.).  The pronunciation more strictly represented by the spelling "whipping"--and perhaps the speling itself--would be inappropriate in certain situations.
>> By analogy: The proverb "Bros before hos" (sp?) cannot reasonably be written (much less pronounced) as "Brothers before whores"--by anybody!
>> --Charlie

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