Know Jack? Some do, some don't. This Company Do (do)

Doug Harris cats22 at FRONTIERNET.NET
Fri Sep 12 16:43:47 UTC 2008

Jack, as in Jack Shit, is introduced on the UK-based
home page of The Shit Box, a name that's sure to brown
some people off.
No doubt because the mere _thought_ of one using this
product in public is distracting enough, there are no
links on that page (
for any of the interesting sites one discovers when
"jack shit" is googled. More's the pity.
I don't know if media standards have lowered (other
than ownership-wise) so much that it would be possible
to advertise this product in the MSM. If I were running
the ad campaign, I'd have initially targeted "Time Out",
which is one of the three things the Shit Box's target
audience could need to take.

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