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At 9/15/2008 02:30 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>>At 9/15/2008 01:56 PM, Mark Mandel wrote:
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>>>Also generally /'ley.m at n/ in the NYC area. AFAIK the /'liy.m at n/ pron is
>>>restricted to this firm, and presumably (though not certainly) the family
>>>that founded it.
>>How did the outstandingly liberal, German Jewish New York Governor
>>and Senator, Herbert H. Lehman, a member of the banking family and in
>>his pre-political years a member of the firm, pronounce his name?
>I'm pretty sure it was /leym at n/, as in the eponymous college within
>the CUNY system, although come to think of it I've heard that both

That's my recollection too.  Perhaps after he left the banking firm
in 1929 he decided he was no longer compelled to Anglicize his name,
as perhaps the founders had done.


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