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A clip of "wheeling and dealing," perhaps?


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> In New Jersey, Gov. Corzine is proposing "anti-wheeling" legislation:
> http://www.nj.gov/governor/news/news/2008/approved/20080924a.html
> "Wheeling" defined here (with a bonus usage as a transitive verb):
> ---
> http://www.politickernj.com/max/23842/codey-says-he-opposes-wheeling-needs-fine-tooth-rest
> State Sen. Richard Codey (D-Essex) said he strongly agrees with the
> provision in Gov. Jon Corzine's executive order that would ban the
> practice of wheeling, but he wants to look at the fine print in
> basically every other aspect of the ethics package.
> "I would go further; I would make the anti-wheeling measure stronger,"
> said Codey, who said he did not attend today's press conference with
> the governor because of a scheduling conflict.
> Not only does Codey support a ban on wheeling across county lines -
> but across state lines.
> "I would say 'you can't wheel money in, and you can't wheel out," the
> former governor said of that practice by outside political action
> committees (PACs) of transferring monies to local political
> organizations to be distributed to local campaigns.
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> Earliest I've found so far is from 2004:
> ---
> 2004 _New York Times_ 24 Mar. 7 (Factiva) Many people urge
> restrictions on the transfer of funds from one county to another, a
> practice known as "wheeling," which enables influential party leaders
> to manipulate elections outside their districts.
> ---
> 2004 _Star-Ledger_ (Newark, NJ) 4 Apr. 1 (Factiva) A 1993 law allows
> county political committees to collect much larger donations than any
> candidate can and to shift unlimited funds from one county to another
> in a practice known as "wheeling."
> ---
> 2004 _The Record_ (Bergen, NJ) 25 May A1 (Factiva) "Probably the most
> difficult issues surround the multifarious indirect paths through
> which economic actors purchase political good will," he wrote. "Among
> high-end sophisticates in the political marketplace, it may take the
> form of funneling contributions to a low-visibility political
> committee which then makes independent expenditures or transfers to
> another committee, known as 'wheeling.'"
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> --Ben Zimmer
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