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I remember it. I've never had it as a text, but I own a copy of it. In
my youth, I read everything that I could get my hands on in the field.
Which is not to say that I remember any of it.

However, what I (think I) remember about Gleason is that he once said
that, on the basis of what he had read by and about Chomsky, he had
formed a picture in his mind of Chomsky as a flaming asshole (or words
to that effect). Then, he had occasion actually to meet Chomsky at
some conference. He found him instead to be quite a pleasant person
with a very charming personality, with whom he enjoyed a discussion.


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> Laurence Horn wrote:
>> At 6:39 AM -0700 9/29/08, Arnold M. Zwicky wrote:
>>> On Sep 27, 2008, at 3:38 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
>>>> A couple of trivial, FWIW comments on the LgLog piece.
>>>> Abstracting away from the fact that "gonna" can represent a broad
>>>> range of phonetic reflexes, not necessarily only one, back in the day,
>>>> ca.1972-73, Haj Ross pointed out the creeping replacement of "gonna"
>>>> [gOn@] by "gunna" [g^n@] in informal white speech in a lecture at
>>>> M.I.T. It seems to me that this shift is continuing...
>>> yes, of course, "gonna" covers a variety of pronunciations.
>>> as for the [^] vowel, it's the one i have.
>>> arnold
>> Does anyone else remember using Henry Gleason's _Intro to Descriptive
>> Linguistics_ as a text for Linguistics 101 or the equivalent in the
>> 1960s?  I no longer know where my copy is, but I recall Gleason in
>> his description of the American English vowel system citing _gonna_
>> (in some varieties) as the one example of a vowel nucleus consisting
>> of [o] (with no off-glide of the kind we have in _go_).  Of course
>> "gunna" speakers with [^] or those who have an open-o [O] in "gonna"
>> wouldn't help confirm that claim.  I convinced myself at the time
>> that I did indeed have an [o] rather than [O] or [^] (which would
>> have been a stressed schwa for Gleason), but now I'm not sure I
>> really did.
> I used it and even taught from it (once). I might could locate my copy
> (at home). If so, I'll check on that tonight.
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