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the latest Gay & Lesbian Review (July-August) has a guest opinion
piece (p. 4) by lexicographer Steve [Steven R.] Kleinedler, "Five
Years Later, Marriage Equality Has Settled In", about the death of his
husband, Peter Dubuque, and some of the events that followed. from
Steve's piece:

   Just how far marriage equality has become a regular component of
society here [in Massachusetts] has been made clear to me while
interacting with people I didn't know. In decades past, authority
figures were often adversarial to the queer community. Now, in 2009,
the EMTs, police officers, and detectives on the accident scene were
extremely professional, respectful, and courteous.

   Referring to Peter as my husband doesn't raise eyebrows or result
in scorn or sarcasm, whereas referring to him as my partner ten or
fifteen years ago carried the risk of bad service, indifference, or
outright hostility.


Steve's piece is adapted from an essay ("In Massachusetts, a husband's
death shows how important marriage is -- and how absolutely ordinary
and accepted same-sex marriage has become" by Joe Sudbay) that
appeared on AMERICAblog on April 23:

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