earlobe > earlope

Victor aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 3 19:00:44 UTC 2009

Seems about as likely as being related to jackalope...

There is a condition, actually, sometimes (always?) referred to as "lop
ear". It's a pathology in humans, but a feature in lop-ear rabbits.

Another candidate is "lop off". Under the circumstances, that might lead
to "earlop" or "ear lop" instead. But of the 7700+ raw ghits, only a
handful are relevant.


The rest seem to be related to lop ear (above) or to a skateboarding
maneuver. Of course, the vowel is dissimilar so it makes sense


Laurence Horn wrote:
> Perceived relation to, or influence from, "elope"?
> LH

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