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My hats off to m-w.com for giving us such a marvelous resource for free.  However, I tend to favor thefreedictionary.com right now because m-w.com has been awe-dropping.  Even when the phonetic notation says "awe" the speaker sometimes says "ah".  Listen to the tradword "awe".  It's misspoken as "ah".  Awe-dropping is a change from Englsih as I knew/know it, and not a good one.  Creates homonyms.

For the sentence "What is it you want."  We in USA probably glottalize all those ending t's.  But you'll not see this fact noted in any dictionary but the truespel VOA simplified English dictionary.  It shows an apostrophe for a glottalized "ending t" as an alternative pronunciation.  It also shows ~d for "t" swaps as well, e.g. ~sidee for "city", ~beder for "better" as alternative pronunciations (when in fact they are probably primary).

The truespel notation also has no schwas, so it's clear how to say each vowel.  Much more sensible than BBC text spelling and IPA/SAMPA as well.

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>> Truespel book 3 VOA dictionary recognizes these two "t" features (~d flap and
>> glottalization) as alternative pronunciations of letter "t". As far as I
>> know, no other dictionary does so, and they should.
> Tom, your own beloved Merriam-Webster online recognizes both of these well
> known allophonic processes in their pronunciation guide which you can get
> from their help page:
> http://www.merriam-webster.com/help/index.htm
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