"congressional meat-puppet"..........!

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Rancor only comes from the rancorous.  I hope all would hold to their beliefs if they truly believe them even though they should elicit rancor from rancorous individuals.

Meanwhile as far as studies go check out my books on the phonetic analysis of USA English.  They show a bit of study.  MAM doesn't like the publisher, perhaps not the covers either.  But the data show new insights into phoneme frequency, especially book 4 which looks at phoneme frequency of words in print.

The truespel books meant that I had to respell the English language phonetically.  The result is professional not amateur.  To me it is the way of the future for USA English pronunciation teaching and reading teaching.  It works the same way BBC text spelling works.  Both are address the fact that SAMPA/IPA doesn't work in these areas.

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> Tom has a long and... colorful... history on this list. He has an obsession
> with "correct" spelling and pronunciation, defined as what his ear hears.
> He has never studied linguistics and is proud of it. I do not consider him a
> troll, because although he has created a great deal of heat and aroused much
> rancor among members (including myself, alas), I don't think his *intent* is
> to cause trouble. At the same time, I cannot consider him a serious amateur
> listmember, because he ignores almost all attempts to educate him in the
> sciences of language.
> Mark Mandel
> On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:22 PM, kimberly armradit
> wrote:
>> Please tell me you're trolling.=20
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>> I've never seen the term "meat puppet".=C2=A0 How useful can it be if
> folks=
>> don't know what it means.=C2=A0 There is no such thing as a "meat
> puppet".=
>> =C2=A0 I think from the word puppet alone we get the jist.
>> Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL5+
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