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Moist?  My mind conjers (spellcheck says congers) up warm, moist, chewy chocolate chip cookies.  Quite pleasant, I think.

For old timers, Farfel used to say "CHAW-klit" ~chauklit, not CHOCK-lit ~chaaklit.  You'd think Nestle would know how to pronounce their main product.

For the top 5k words of English (Collins Cobuild) there is no word with tradstreeng "ong" that takes "soft g" ~j.  The word "conger" didn't make the top 5k.  80% of the "ng" tradstreengz are in "ing".  (a tradstreeng is a bunch of letters in a row in tradspel (traditional spelling)).

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> "Moist" offensive or unpleasant, though it occurs in TV and radio ads
> for various lotions and other skin-care products thousands of times a
> day, 24/7/365?
> Somebody must is done lost his mind!
> -Wilson
> On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 12:04 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
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>> The Archives do not wish to disgorge very much of last year's discussion of
>> the allegedd offensiveness of this word.
>> Just heard on NPR's quiz show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!" which I find
>> _highly_ offensive for its unfunniness, that users of FaceBook have declared
>> the word "moist" to be the most unpleasant word in English (or on FaceBook -
>> sorry I didn't hear the entire thing).
>> The show then quoted a linguist (one of us?) who suggested that
>> the perceived putridity may come from the "oi" diphthong. Why a humble
>> diphthong should be considered offensive went unexplored.
>> I suspect anti-Brooklyn/Bowery Boy bigotry in representations of NYC
>> speech. Am very offended by all of it.
>> JL
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