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On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 12:40 AM, Arnold Zwicky<zwicky at stanford.edu> wrote:
> On Aug 10, 2009, at 9:24 AM, Randy Alexander wrote:
>> ... Readers interested in ["various of"] might also be interested in
>> the more modern
>> solution in _The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language_ of
>> analyzing these structures as "fused head" structures: fused
>> determinative-head (few, many, several), and fused modifier-head
>> (various).
>> These are of four types (p411):
>> 1. Simple -- While Kim had lots of books, Pat had [_very few_].
>> 2. Explicitly partitive -- [_Few_ of her friends] knew she was ill.
>> 3. Implicitly partitive -- We made numerous suggestions but [_few_]
>> were taken up.
>> 4. Special -- [_Few_] would have expected it to turn out so well.
> i am a proponent of this analysis, but in posting i don't always want
> to re-do older conceptualizations and terminology in favor of my
> current preferences, opting instead to try to make connections to
> conceptualizations and terminology that are in the sources i cite and
> are more familiar to my readers. Â a difficult balancing act.

I sensed that, and decided that since you were following logic and
keeping the terminology and references to the theory you were
describing consistent, it would have to be someone else to do the


I think the more touting of those ideas the better.

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