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> But going back to Whitman's post (first link -way- below), he points to
> a shift from "wax poetic" et al. to "wax poetically" et al. to, quite
> shockingly "poetically was" et al. with the corresponding shift from
> "grow" meaning to "communicate". That's aside from the "waxing on" bit,
> as that earned a separate post (as a follow-up).
> But, not so fast! Googling up "nostalgically waxing" from Whitman's link
> gives 1) the link to the post itself, 2) link to "nostalgically waxing
> on"--which properly belonged to Whitman's second post, and 3)
> "nostalgically waxing lyrically", which is the animal of a different
> sort that I wanted to bring up (in fact, even before following Whitman's
> link I wondered how many hits would look like that).

That's weird. I re-Googled the phrase myself just now, and got 128 hits --
whittled down to 22 when I actually clicked on the last page of results --
and none of them were from my blog. I did find things like:

The speech portion of the festivities were closed by a nostalgically-waxing
Jerry Stiller, best known to modern audiences as the inventor of ...

... of them nostalgically waxing lyrical about their peeps in Chinatown;
whilst the 3 of us just rolled our eyes wanting to head back south to
Disneyland, ...

This morning I found myself thinking back to the events that transpired on
Tuesday, and nostalgically waxing about that historic day three years.

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