Q: "It's" as the possessive?

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 11 16:31:53 UTC 2009

If everyone says "knee" without pronouncing the "k" and you pronounce the "k" and they "correct" you, are they being "prescriptivists" (as if that's not a nice thing to be)?

Or is prescriptivism not a bad thing, but a good thing?

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> At 8/10/2009 03:35 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>>A correspondent on another list asks, when did "it's" as the
>>possessive come to be proscribed?
> I don't think anyone has yet addressed the question asked. Not when
> did "it's" arise (the OED is voluble on that). Not when "it's" began
> to come (back) into noticeable presence. But -- when did it come to
> be *proscribed* (that is, by the prescriptivists)?
> Joel
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