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Wasn't there once a movie about him under his original surname? Not
The Egg and I, but something more nearly artistic.


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> At 10:55 AM -0400 8/11/09, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:
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>>>  This is perhaps an example of what is called, I think, the "Oxford 'er' -- a
>>>  practice among Oxford students of forming words by truncating a
>>>standard word
>>>  and adding 'er' -- "brekkers" (breakfast)?  I have only dim memories of
>>>  a discussion of this, by an author who who took the practice as
>>>  of English slang, compared its inanity with the vigor of American slang, and
>>>  decided that we need look no further for the reason why the sun set upon the
>>>  British Empire.
>>More here, with many examples:
> But these Oxonian -ers, like the names mentioned by others
> (Craiggers, Meggers, Douggers)*, are nouns.  The real contenders have
> to work as adjectives, the way "preggers" and "bonkers" do.   I think
> these might work (all googled examples, but not in profusion):
> I almost got kicked out by security for making the crowd go too
> nutsers with the camera.
> the select button went wankers
> the North Koreans went wankers
> It worked perfectly the first time I tried it before installing on
> the remote computer when it went wackers
> Somebody e-mail or call or write or sumpin' afore I go wackers, ya hear?
> LH
> *And Eggers, as in Dave; obviously he started out as Dave Egg.
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