Jackson police

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(an innocent question) What is the point of mentioning the mayor of Philly's
name?  Surely not that Nutter is an extremely unusual name. Many seem to
come from VA.  Former Va Tech football luminary Buzz Nutter, former (from
the 70s) asst sec of defense, G. Warren Nutter. and others.

Or am I missing something?

Bill Palmer

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> The BBC seems to have an interesting idea on how we handle Public Safety
> here in the US:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8197521.stm
> <quote>
> Pharmacy raided by Jackson police
> Drug police have searched a Las Vegas pharmacy as part of the
> investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.
> But the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) would not say if the search of
> Applied Pharmacy Services was linked to Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray.
> DEA Assistant Special Agent Michael Flanagan said: "We're assisting the
> DEA LA and LAPD in their ongoing investigation. So this is another part of
> that investigation."
> </quote>
> OT:  the Mayor of Philadelphia is named "Nutter".
> There is a family here in South Jersey named "Bonker".  I once knew a
> member of that family, but never had the opportunity (or gall) to ask him
> where their name came from.
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