Cell phones make kids faster, dumber

Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Thu Aug 13 14:15:42 UTC 2009

There's a really good chapter on the "Spelling is Declining" myth in
the slim _Language Myths_ book edited by Bauer and Trudgill, from

---Amy West

>Date:    Wed, 12 Aug 2009 15:24:25 +0000
>From:    ronbutters at AOL.COM
>Subject: Re: Cell phones make kids faster, dumber
>So Doug knows a young woman who is a bad speller and that is
>evidence that spelling ability has recently declined among the young
>AND that textmessaging is almost certainly the cause?
>Has this person learned ANYTHING from this listserv?
>Does his assertion make any more sense than speculating that the new
>morality has "most certainly" caused an increase in adolescent
>masturbation--which in turn has "accentuated" putative literacy
>problems, given that everybody knows that wanking causes vision

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