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Speaking of "flying," does anyone else remember the TV sitcom,
Airport? Because of unfortunate circumstances, Lowell, the mechanic,
becomes a roommate of the brothers, the pilots, and, in essence,
becomes their house mother, fixing them bag lunches. As they open
their lunch bags, a brief interchange something like following occurs:

A. Look! In the bottom of the bag!

B. A _moist_ towlette!


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> At 8/10/2009 12:34 PM, Alison Murie wrote:
>>I was perhaps stretching things to attribute the actual expression
>>"moist panties" to Erica Jong.  (Chances are, no panties were
>>involved!)  What I was thinking was that the wetness of female lust,
>>which does figure in Jong's book,  might have been embarrassing enough
>>to many women that  "moistness"
>>itself could by association become offensive.   Just a WAG.
> Perhaps not so WAG.  I didn't mention in my previous post that
> Googling books for <"fear of flying" moist> also brings up other
> authors who seem to associate her title with "most".  Although from
> that limited search I don't know how closely -- they might not be on
> the same page.
> Joel
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