a locus classicus for fronted "anymore"

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At 11:28 AM -0500 8/18/09, Scot LaFaive wrote:
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>>  Anymore, the airlines don't want to take the risks
>Man that's weird to my Wisconsin ears. It makes my brain hurt just trying to
>grasp it.

I'm surprised!  I must have heard more positive (including fronted)
_anymore_s during the four years I lived in Wisconsin than I heard in
my other 60 years living in the Northeast and California.  (Not
counting examples from linguistics papers.)


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>>  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/18/business/18airports.html
>>  August 18, 2009
>>  Small Cities Pay to Keep Air Travel
>>  With airlines cutting back service in a weak economy, some cities
>>  that are too big to qualify for federal help but too small to keep
>>  the planes flying in have stepped up with ways to hang on: paying the
>>  airlines, either directly or indirectly.
>>  The cities, like Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Duluth, Minn., have tried
>>  various strategies to keep their lifeline to the outside world.
>>  ...
>>  Officials in Duluth are weighing whether to guarantee an airline that
>>  a certain percentage of seats will be filled. Once those targets are
>>  met, the city will profit.
>>  "Anymore, the airlines don't want to take the risks," said Brian
>>  Ryks, executive director of the Duluth Airport Authority. "But they
>>  want all the rewards."
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