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No matter what he meant, or how the term developed, I like it.

It's meaning is crystal clear, and I've never heard the phrased used
before, ever.

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> Any thoughts on this?
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> e_rumors.html"Sometimes
> it seems like one loud voice can drown out all the sensible voices out
> there,'' President Barack Obama told supporters at a meeting of the
> Democratic Party-sponsored Organizing for America today Web-cast to a
> national network watching on the Internet, plus an audience listening
> to a
> telephone conference.
> "There is something about August going into September where everybody
> in
> Washington gets all wee-weed up,'' Obama said.
> ---
> There's plenty of silly speculation online about Obama's usage. My
> guess is that he was reaching for a euphemization of, perhaps, the
> "AFU" of
> "SNAFU" or something similar, and ended up with the wrong euphemism.
> The end
> result sounds like he's trying to euphemize "all pissed up," which
> doesn't
> mean much in AmE (though I suppose it would mean "very drunk" in BrE).
> --Ben Zimmer
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