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One more follow-up on this.  I went to the Midland Farmer's Market
yesterday expecting to find some of the food stalls offering pickles
and some offering pickling cukes.  However, every one of them had
pickles for sale - only $1 per quart, BTW.

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> Ugh. That was supposed to say "picklers"--suggesting that "pickles" 'small
> cucumbers' is derived from "picklers"--i.e., cukes of a size to make them
> ready candidates for pickling.
> Damned Blackberry spellcheck(er).
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>> I wonder what DARE has to offer on this.
>> I have seen small cukes advertised as "pickles" in many parts of the US;
>> the usage that David notes could simply be a local or jargon clipping. Or
>> David could just be mishearing.
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