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Wed Aug 26 19:53:44 UTC 2009

Mark, as we say in the 'hood: You *sayin'* a taste!

For those who care about the semantics of such things, this is another
bad = good, if you gnome sane. Literally, in the dialect, a "taste" is
a very small amount, which should be fairly clear. So, by saying that
Mark has nothing relevant to say, I really say that everything that he
has to say is of relevance.

If I *really* wanted to get down, I could say:

"Mark, you ain't said *shit*!"


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> On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Arnold Zwicky <zwicky at> wrote:
>> i spent some five hours this morning responding to queries about
>> things that might possibly be labeled as eggcorns.  i now see that
>> this was entirely wasted time, and i won't do it again.  i should have
>> followed up up on my earlier posting about proposing to go away from
>> this newsgroup, following in the footsteps of dennis preston, roger
>> shuy, and barry popik (three very different personalities, by the
>> way).  i will now unsubscribe.
> Oh, hell, PLEASE don't let the nincompoops Greshamize this list further!
> Your efforts to keep this and many other demarcations* clear, and those are
> very much appreciated by those of us who are seriously committed to the
> study of language.
> Please remember that you're not obligated to answer questions or deal with
> issues or threads that you don't want to. I say this as another who feels an
> often unnecessary compulsion to answer, clarify, and expound.*** No one has
> commanded or even asked you to be eggcorn approval (whatever); you can take
> off that nonexistent hat and throw it away forever, and I beg you to do so.
> * I prefer the latinate spelling, so as not to feel personally** involved.
> **Mark A. Mandel
> *** And footnote.
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