Early "mis[s]"(1652) as title?

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OT: As an aside, I just wanted to add that, during the search for
confirmation on the Puritan adultery/fornication distinction, I found a
similar _current_ distinction in some Catholic materials with an
additional twist--premarital masturbation is also classified as
fornication. This is in addition to the usual Catholic Church obsession
with onanism. This creates an interesting (legal and philosophical but,
alas, not philological) question as to ontological categories of various
sex offenses.


Joel S. Berson wrote:
> The earliest law against adultery in Massachusetts was passed in
> 1631, after several cases came before the court and would have been
> decided according to Mosaic law.  (Due to doubt about whether death
> should be imposed for adultery, these defendants were convicted of
> lesser crimes.).  By 1641, the written law included Scriptural citations.
> I would assume the Sharia law arises from the same "authority".

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