"Norval" ... How do *you* pronounce it?

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Aug 29 16:40:12 UTC 2009

Wilson's original (Texas) pronunciation looks like being close to that
for the narwhal (whale--occasionally spelled "norwhal" or "narwal"),
except for the v/w distinction. I was somewhat surprised to find the
stress to be on the first syllable (for the whale, not for the name).

As for the rest of the country (and, perhaps, the Anglophone world),
would there be a distinction between Norval and Norville? (As in,
Deborah Norville or Norville Barnes)


Wilson Gray wrote:
> I got a note from Facebook telling me that Norval [Surname] had become
> my Fb-friend. That reminded me of a grade-school classmate of mine
> down home in Texas. His name was Norval Moore, pronounced
> approximately [na:ve at l mo].

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