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This is not an easy word to look for because of a variety of uses,
including corporate names and other proper nouns. But looking for
"very burny" still gives about 1500 raw ghits and 315 Yahoo hits.

I came across "burny" in a recipe where it referred to a hot pepper.
Other hits simply refer to physical heat vs. chemical or gustatory.

"... do it in batches, as when the soup is hot it can easily spurt out
the sides of the machine…very messy, and *burny*"

"Feeling a little *burny* still, but *soooo* much better now."

"Well dinner went on as planned and one thing led to another. Before
long all the good sensations suddenly became *burny* sensation!"

(Note: two comments from different people on the same page!)

(Two more, also on the same page)

"You DON'T want this *burny* miracle juice somewhere sensitive!"
"Use Capzasin! My legs are still a little *burny* as I type this"

Even Google Books finds a few hits for "very burny".

[Article] Pathways to the doctor--from person to patient, Irving
Kenneth Zola: multiple sources, original is 1973, Social Science &
Medicine, vol. 7, 677-89. There are three occurrences in Table I. In
fact, most of the first dozen of Google Books hits seem to identify
the same table in various publications from 1967 to 1988 (plus the
same paper included in a 2001 anthology; also cited in 2009 "Lecture


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