More on "soft-core pornography" antedating (1961)

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Wed Dec 2 02:27:33 UTC 2009

Gareth Branwyn said:
> This really good stuff, folks, Thanks!
> I got the email address of Krassner from my editor, so I'm going to
> ask him for '58 cites. I can't imagine he would allegedly coin a term
> in 1958 and not commit it to print until 1964.

Great! Glad that you find the discussion useful, and I would enjoy
hearing what Krassner says. Appreciated your excellent work at Mondo
2000, Wired, and now Make.

Two clarifications: In the earlier post I refer to a book by Eustace
Chesser that is being reviewed. The supposed title is "An Outline of
Human Relations". This title was taken from a snippet scan of the
journal Religious Education. The title is clearly displayed, but
WorldCat indicates that the accurate title is "An Outline of Human
Relationships" by Eustace Chesser. Hence there seems to be a misprint
in the original journal book review article.

I mentioned William A. Christian as one of the book reviewers on page
75, but I do not think that he is the reviewer of the Chesser book.
The reviewer of the Chesser book used the terms hard-core and
soft-core pornography, but I cannot extract his or her name from

I hope someone with access to the paper journal or the online journal can help.

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