Ungendered "he said-she said"?

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Wed Dec 2 17:52:44 UTC 2009

I heard a report on the radio this morning about last night's meeting of
the Anchorage [Alaska] Assembly (an oddly-named 11-member city council),
at which they reviewed the "Wheeler report", a report that claims that
former Anchorage mayor (now US senator) Mark Begich willfully misled the
assembly on the state of city finances before leaving office.

One of the sound bites was from Sheila Selkregg (i think), a member of
the assembly, who called the report a "he said-she said" document.

The interesting thing is that both sides are male--on the one is Mark
Begich, and on the other is either Dennis Wheeler (the author of the
report) or Dan Sullivan (the current mayor, who's been hypercritical of
Begich's administration and has heavily promoted the report).

Of course, i don't know if there's further context that would go against
this interpretation, but this really sounded to me like "he said-she
said" has branched out into meaning simply "two sides [unmarked for sex]
each claim opposing things that can't be definitively proven". Has
anyone else come across this?

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