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Thu Dec 3 20:17:29 UTC 2009

Benjamin Zimmer said
>> I believe, it would be inappropriate to delve further into theoretical
>> musings on global warming (or lack thereof) on this list. [snip]
> To bring things back on-topic, I see that AGW deniers have taken to
> calling their opponents "global warmists" or simply "warmists." ...

Bill Mullins said
> I've seen it also called "Climaquiddick", as well as "Climategate".

There is a term that is used by global warming skeptics/deniers to
label their adversaries that ends with -er. However, the -er ending
was not attached recently:

warm monger, warm-monger or warmmonger.

I found a blog posting about the attempt to use the suffix -aquiddick
or -quiddick instead of -gate to designate a scandal.

Citation: Blog posting "No more “-gates” to dub scandals" at "Armies
of Libration", February 8, 2005.
Here is an excerpt from the posting:

A commenter called WMD at the wonderful INDC suggests we change the
lexicon of the blogsphere and stop attaching the suffix “-gate” to
reference a scandal, that instead we use the suffix


Thus Eason-gate becomes Eason-a-quiddick.

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