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The Washington Times and Jon Stewart are both
late.  The New York Times wrote on November
26.  "The stunt brought to mind another set of
fame-seekers: the Heene family of Fort Collins,
Colo., who mesmerized the nation for several
hours last month after setting aloft a homemade
saucer-shaped balloon — and the notion that their
6-year-old son was in it — in an apparent effort
to gain attention from television producers."

Now viewable at,
or in their archives searching for Salahi + balloon.

(The Washington Times seems to have made the
connection on Dec. 2.  Perhaps they took a long Thanksgiving recess.)


At 12/3/2009 03:03 PM, Charles Doyle wrote:
>Jon Stewart also drew the connection between the Salahis and
>the Balloon Boy--either 2 or 3 nights ago, I'm reasonably sure.
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> >Just a follow up on -gates and -ers:
> >
> >If Google News is correct in its timestamps,
> the first occurrence of Gatecrashergate was in
> Politico in a Glenn Thrush blog post about Rep.
> King (R-Arkham) demanding an investigation. But
> WaTimes also had a story with "Gatecrashergate"
> in quotation marks roughly at the same time
> (although the "latest version"is now dated a
> day later, Dec 1). And several sources flubbed
> an AP headline as "Gatecrasher Gate" [sic] on
> Monday, while WaPo put in a paranthetical
> question with quotation marks-- ("Gatecrasher-gate"?) [sic] --also on Dec 1.
> >
> >So there are several -gates and no -ers
> circulating in Washington, at the moment. Only
> the WaTimes drew a connection between the
> Salahis and the Balloon Boy, although the
> cultural link should have been obvious from the moment the story broke.
> >
> >VS-)
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