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Thu Dec 10 20:24:50 UTC 2009

I was talking to a college student journalist about the effects of
"text-speak" on spoken language, and she mentioned the usual suspects, "LOL"
(pronounced "loll") and "OMG" (pronounced "oh-em-gee"). But she also
mentioned the expression "btdub" (pronounced "bee-tee-dub"), derived from
"BTW" ('by the way'). UrbanDictionary has entries for the more common
"btdubs" (variously spelled) back to 2004:

And here's a Usenet example from 2002:

---, May 13, 2002
Btdubs, Pittsburgh kicks Phile's ass as far as cities go, sorry Ween, but
it's true.  Go Steelers!

I don't think this one's been discussed here before, but I'd wager it's
shown up in elicitations of student slang from Larry, Connie, et al.

--Ben Zimmer

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