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Fred Shapiro wrote:
> television (OED 1907 June)
> 1907 _N.Y. Times_ 24 Feb. SM7 (ProQuest Historical Magazine)  Dr. Arthur Korn ... assures us that "television," or seeing by telegraph, is merely a question of a year or two with certain improvements in apparatus.
> Fred Shapiro

Great find! Here is a citation with a hyphenated version of the word,
"tele-vision" in March of 1906. The article refers to the same famous
Professor Korn.

Citation: 1906 March, "Engineering Progress: Telegraphing a Portrait"
in The Technical World Magazine, page 87, Vol. V, No. 1.

Professor Korn believes that his apparatus will allow of a tele-vision
after the time of transmission of the photographs has been further

In principle tele-vision is, it is true, possible even now, provided a
very high number of conductors be used, complicating in proportion the
transmitting and receiving apparatus. Owing, however, to the
prohibitory cost, this process of tele-vision is at present quite
impracticable, while there are no theoretical reasons in the way of a
future realization of this dream of so many inventors – Dr. Alfred


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