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At 9:54 AM -0500 12/13/09, Bill Palmer wrote:
>"Kind of Drag", sung by an artist/group now unknown to me, always sounded
>like "Canada Dry".

"Kind of *a* Drag", which sounds even more like "Canada Dry", by The
Buckinghams, from the late '60s.  A classic one-hit wonder, or
virtually so.


>Also, the redoubtable Boy George had what I suppose was his biggest hit with
>"Karma Chameleon" which I always thought was Come-a, come-a, come-a, come-a,
>come-a to me, Leon"  til otherwise apprised by my then preteen son.
>Bill Palmer
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>>On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 12:43 PM, Scot LaFaive <slafaive at> wrote:
>>>I heard one today on The Bob and Tom radio show. A comedian was saying
>>>he went to a Starbucks where someone ordered a "black eye" coffee and
>>>they announced the order as ready it sounded like "black guy" as if the
>>>order was for a black guy in the crowd. How true is this? Who knows, but
>>>could see it happening.
>>AFAIK "mondegreen" is used only to refer to mishearings of lyrics and
>>texts ("I led the pigeons to the flag..."). The article I cited
>>earlier says
>>>  Coined in 1954 by the writer Sylvia Wright and later made popular by San
>>>Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll, a "mondegreen" is a word or
>>>that results from mishearing or misinterpreting a song lyric (or any
>>text, for that matter).
>>as well as the dbs Ben Zimmer listed:
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