"regaling in"

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Tue Dec 15 18:30:32 UTC 2009

>From an ad for an academic tour of China and Korea:

Even more significant than regaling in the many spectacular sites
these places have to offer, you will be interacting with Chinese and
Koreans from all walks of life,

This use of "regale" is listed in the OED Online:

  c. intr. To delight or revel in something. Obs. rare.

1814 J. AUSTEN Mansfield Park I. ii. 20 Mrs. Norris..thus regaled in
the credit of being foremost to welcome her.

I googled a few examples, and Wordnik gives an example from the
California Chronicle (undated):

and regale in a special tribute from Conrad Herwig┬┤s Latin Side
All-Star Band, playing the music of Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter

YourDictionary doesn't recognize the usage.

The entire ad is a bit overblown, but this usage of intransitive
"regale" with "in" seemed odd.


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