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"Patriot" rhyming with thought" wouldn't work for me from Conn. but for my neighbor from Mass it would.  For her "ot" would be spoken "ought".  The letter "o" often took the "awe" sound.  She would call me ~Taumee (~au as in "awe") and her son as ~Baubee (Bobby).  This is over 40 years ago.

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> Subject: Odd rhyme claim
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> The poet John Hollander asserts that New England is "the only region of the
> nation" (or was in Emerson's time) "in whose dialect _patriot_ rhymes with
> _thought_."
> Really? I'd have guessed that _patriot_ "rhymes" with _thought_ nowhere on
> Panet Earth. Or is Hollander being facetious at Emerson's expense? Yeah,
> that must be it. Sorry.
> On the other hand....I'm curious.
> JL
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