Odd rhyme claim

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At 12/15/2009 11:00 PM, Jerome Foster wrote:
>For a current example listen to Click and Clack, the Magliozzi brothers on

Do they say "ought" ("awt") -- which I can't relate to "patriot",
even in New England, or "ott", as in the baseball player Mel -- which
I can imagine in New England for both "patriot" and "thought"
("thott" -- the vowel a little like "cah" for "carr"?)  I'll have to
listen next Saturday.


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>>"Patriot" rhyming with thought" wouldn't work for me from Conn. but for my
>>neighbor from Mass it would.  For her "ot" would be spoken "ought".  The
>>tter "o" often took the "awe" sound.  She would call me ~Taumee (~au as in
>>"awe") and her son as ~Baubee (Bobby).  This is over 40 years ago.
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>>>The poet John Hollander asserts that New England is "the only region of
>>>nation" (or was in Emerson's time) "in whose dialect _patriot_ rhymes
>>>Really? I'd have guessed that _patriot_ "rhymes" with _thought_ nowhere
>>>Panet Earth. Or is Hollander being facetious at Emerson's expense? Yeah=
>>>that must be it. Sorry.
>>>On the other hand....I'm curious.
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