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How do we say "patriot" now.  From thefreedictionary.com I hear PAY-tree-it (~paetree'it) for USA and PAY-tree-et (~paetree'et) for UK.

The word "patriotic" in USA becomes pay-tree-AH-dik (~paetree"aadik), while in UK it's pad-ree-AH-tic (~padree"aatik).

Note the changes in pronouncing letter "t" the second most popular letter in English text (ref truespel book 4).  I just did a analysis of pronunciation of the letter "t".  It's at http://justpaste.it/mq

Note that the words "awe" and "ah" both spell vowel phonemes, but use a consonant.  This is bad form for a phonetic respell system.  Truespel uses ~au for "awe" and ~aa for "ah".  In text the appearance of tradstreeng "au" does excede "aw" for spelling the "awe" sound, although "al" is tops (ref. truespel book 4).  The "ah" sound is spelled by letter "o" twice as often as letter "a", but both those letters spell other sounds more often, so "aa" was chosen to phonetically spell the "ah" sound in truespel.  This is done by BCC text spelling for phonetics as well.

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> At 12/15/2009 11:00 PM, Jerome Foster wrote:
>>For a current example listen to Click and Clack, the Magliozzi brothers on
> Do they say "ought" ("awt") -- which I can't relate to "patriot",
> even in New England, or "ott", as in the baseball player Mel -- which
> I can imagine in New England for both "patriot" and "thought"
> ("thott" -- the vowel a little like "cah" for "carr"?) I'll have to
> listen next Saturday.
> Joel
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>>>"Patriot" rhyming with thought" wouldn't work for me from Conn. but for my
>>>neighbor from Mass it would. For her "ot" would be spoken "ought". The
>>>tter "o" often took the "awe" sound. She would call me ~Taumee (~au as in
>>>"awe") and her son as ~Baubee (Bobby). This is over 40 years ago.
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>>>>The poet John Hollander asserts that New England is "the only region of
>>>>nation" (or was in Emerson's time) "in whose dialect _patriot_ rhymes
>>>>Really? I'd have guessed that _patriot_ "rhymes" with _thought_ nowhere
>>>>Panet Earth. Or is Hollander being facetious at Emerson's expense? Yeah=
>>>>that must be it. Sorry.
>>>>On the other hand....I'm curious.
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