Fronted high back vowel /u/

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This sounds like pretty classic Southern Shift: back vowel fronting + raising of /E/ and /I/. The only thing odd would be the direction of the glide. When diphthongal, the lax vowels in the SoShift usually have central/schwa offglides if I recall correctly.

Fronting of /u/ (and /o/) is found pretty much everywhere in the US except for the Inland North (e.g. the Great Lakes region).

-Matt Gordon
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I'm new to the list. I've just started doing volunteer work on
occasion for a victim identification unit of law enforcement. I have a
recording with a male North American speaker that has a rather
fronted /u/ sound (F1 395, F2 1816), in the word 'movie'. I've heard
this kind of fronting before, but does anyone know how widespread it
is geographically? The /E/  in leg is also a bit raised at F1 550, F2
1942 and slightly diphthongized toward /ei/, but this is not as
pronounced as I've heard in some accents. Does anyone know where these
features might co-occur?



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