Dialexicon: map of US accents by county

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> I got the following response from the creator of Dialexicon. As people
> who've responded may suspect, this doesn't actually seem to me so much a
> linguistic project as an anthropological one or something else: Katey Szum
> doesn't seem as interested in a representative sample of American English
> as in potentially charting some migration patterns within the country (if
> the zipcode information is put on the site). (S)he's also apparently
> completely unaware of much of the dialectological work that's already been
> done on American English, and of the good ways of collecting data. So it's
> an attractive-looking project but, as has been concluded, not much
> linguistic substance, unfortunately.

Aside from that:  I live in a state which borders on Canada.  Hennepin
County is well South of the border; but Canadians do move here.  So do
people from various other English-speaking countries.

And if any linguist were to tell me that all US counties fall neatly
into one dialect area, I would check to see if the date was April 1st.

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