WOTY candidate: _fracket_

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Dec 28 01:25:14 UTC 2009

Courtesy of my daughter--no, she wasn't referring to one from her own
wardrobe, just asking if I was familiar with the term.

Here's one of several web entries for it, all essentially identical
(including the one on urbandictionary.com), and all asserting or
presupposing it as a blend of "frat" + "jacket":

fracket, n., (colloquial): an uncared-for, inexpensive jacket worn to
a frat party as a deliberately disposable garment, which can be
vomited upon, covered with beer, smeared with 'frat sludge', etc, or
lost without upset.

I have no idea how far back it goes, but the hits I located (among
the various irrelevant entries for proper names and such) are all
from the last few months.  It apparently earned a mention on NPR this
weekend according to one site.  I didn't hear it live myself.

Could be it shows up in earlier college slang compendia.


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