"guttural" = of the gutter

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And, of course, German, i.e. the language of National Socialism, has
been stereotypically described as a "guttural" language for at least
as long as I've been able to read words of more than one syllable.
I've also seen Yellow-Peril Chinese described as "guttural," as
opposed to the more-usual "sing-song." At that point, it became clear
that "guttural" as used by non-specialists is meant as an insult, i.e.
the language sounds more like grunting than like real speech.


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>> Â =46rom Heidi Beirich of SPLC Hate Watch, writing on AlterNet, =20
>> concerning a Misissippi pol's membership CCC:
>> "Those actions are not surprising, given the guttural nature of the =20
>> CCC=92s racism and anti-Semitism."
>> AM=
> Almost a mirror image of "gutteral sounds".
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