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> From the electronic news-letter of the New England Historic
> Genealogical Society:
>> The National Archives and Records Administration has come under fire
>> recently for a missing hard drive from the Clinton administration
>> with sensitive records, including the Social Security Number for one
>> of Al Gore's daughters. But the problem of missing items has been
>> going on for decades, if not longer. Among the more historically
>> significant items missing are the patent for the Wright Brothers
>> Flyer
> Perhaps it went up in flames with Rosebud.
>> and the target maps for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and
>> Nagasaki.
>> Find out more, and meet Paul Brachfeld, NARA's inspector general, at
>> <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102634013507&s=1340&e=001cvuaq948M3Sl7rInfAcICZLS7ePXf8DdJve2fGu6s9HKNcvSXKmNBABAZbagmb32sGrVDAPXFr0i7M9TFP8gn3XXQaQrBZOxlEK2_-4ZcuL0XGffYA9E2VB6PDLMV3AjRGg1JQJTYkbeA9RbpS_xKD2TtLJWoAufLopztnEm5CJEx-l5BiJZAhYjC8z_x95D_jBF9dZKVSI6Z3sDfVTYM-f3GT3ml-gU
>> >www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2009/07/05/national_archives_missing_many_items/
>> .
At this rate, pretty soon we 'll be able to deny ever using nuclear
force against civilians.

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