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I've only come across "fuckery" twice.  Once
here with this thread and another time in
an article, in which it used in a completely
different way.  Had to share!

* * *

The CIA helped Seaga and his cohorts in
Colombia's Cali cartel pour weapons and coke into
Jamaica during the 1980 elections, when he
defeated Manley. But while Seago was smuggling
blow and guns in by the ton, the DEA was pushing
him to burn down the nation's ganja fields.

"What a fuckery that mon there chant!" laments one
grower of a Seaga emissary's antidrug rhetoric.
"Him come up fi' tell we is pure orange and
banana we must plant again.  An' him know ganja
we haffi grow up here to survive!"

"High Times" magazine, September 1995, Page 16
Review of _Born Fi' Dead: A Journey Through the
Jamaican Posse Underworld_ by Lauries Gunst

* * *


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