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> A blend of "fucking  + mockery."


- from "fuck" as in "fucked-up" (confused, mixed-up) or "fucking with
us", + the  "-ery" suffix used the same way as in "mockery". OED
Online doesn't seem to have that precise use for English, though it
does have it for the French etymon -erie.

- from "fucker" + "-y"3


-ery, suffix

    1. The Fr. -erie is of two distinct origins:  ...
b. ...After the analogy of words thus formed, the suffix -erie was
used to form derivatives immediately from verb-stems. Of the Fr. ns.
in -erie derived from vbs. (either through an agent-noun or directly)
some denote ***a class of actions, as tromperie deceit, f. tromper to

    2. a. Of the Eng. words ending in -ery ... ***Many others are
formed on ns. in -er, and are properly examples of the suffix -Y3***


-y, suffix (3)

This suffix has never been in English a prolific formative, but from
time to time new coinages have been made, e.g. in the 14th cent.
beggerie BEGGARY ...  doubtless furthered by the prevalence of the
suffix -ERY.

The majority [of ns. having this suffix] denote a state, condition, or
quality; others denote ***an activity*** or a result of it, as
***blasphemy***, felony, fury, harmony, history, liturgy, memory,
phantasy, poesy, victory.


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