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At 7/13/2009 01:52 PM, Victor wrote:
>I also found a couple of sites where, because of that line, the meaning
>is re-interpreted as "steal". If you look at the complete lyrics that
>makes little sense.

True.  And for a literally -- er, literary -- usage, see Natalie
Angier in the NYTimes on monkeys sharing or bogarting millipedes
which they rub on themselves as a mosquito repellent:

"And should a monkey insist on bogarting its millipede, the other
monkey simply rubs its body against the anointed one's fur to ick up
some stray secretions."

NYT, December 5, 2000, Section F; Page 5; Column 2; Science Desk,
"For Monkeys, a Millipede a Day Keeps Mosquitoes Away".


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