"Hot Dog" (1893, 1897); Hamburgers & Trilby Sandwich

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Two years ago Barry Popik drew attention to an 1893 attestation of "hot dog" -- an unexpected development, since Barry's previous research had indicated that "hot dog" (hot sausage) arose in college slang, 1894 or 1895, specifically at Yale. 
    I just tried locating  the 1893 Knoxville Journal "hot dog" attestation in NewspaperArchives but didn't find it there. Very likely I'm missing something obvious here.  Is anyone out there able to locate the item?  I'd like to check the page to be sure that "hot dog" is really there.
      Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
Gerald Cohen


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I've subscribed to Newsbank's _www.genealogybank.com_
(http://www.genealogybank.com <http://www.genealogybank.com/> )  service, for only  about $10 a month. It has the newspapers in
Newsbank's "America's Historical  Newspapers" (that no local Texas library
subscribes to, despite my UT and Texas  State). ......
28 September 1893, Knoxville (TN) Journal , "The  (They?--ed.) Wore
Overcoats," pg. 5:
It was so cool last night that the appearance of overcoats was common, and 
stoves and grates were again brought into comfortable use. Even the 
weinerwurst men began preparing to get the "hot dogs" ready for sale  Saturday night.

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